The #1 Assisted Living Community in Alaska is now offering dedicated Advanced Care for your loved one!

What is advanced care?

Advanced care provides additional, private support for those who might benefit from a quieter and more monitored setting. We offer advanced care in a separate and secure wing of our assisted living communities to provide this support. Though living in a separate area, these residents still have opportunities for social interaction.

An example of a senior needing advanced care might be someone suffering memory loss or dementia. To support these special needs, we hire additional staff and give them extensive dementia training. Our advanced care section also provides a quiet sensory room with a relaxing environment away from the overstimulation that sometimes accompanies these challenges. Both of these distinguishing features can provide peace of mind to seniors and loved ones.

advanced care in anchorage, ak

Does my loved one need advanced care?

Determining whether a senior needs advanced care rests in the decision of the senior and loved ones, with the advice of healthcare experts. A senior who suffers from cognitive decline does not necessarily need to move to advanced care. Many of our residents who suffer memory loss benefit from the socialization and activities in the larger areas of our assisted living community. We provide advanced care for those with different needs. The choice to move to advanced care comes at the discretion of the family.