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Assisted Living | Senior Living in Anchorage, AK

Answering Your Questions About Assisted Living

What is assisted living at Aspen Creek Alaska?

True assisted living not only provides consistent and loving help, but it gives so much more. It touches lives.

Foremost, it involves respect and dignity for the whole individual. Because needs vary as much as the uniqueness of people, Aspen Creek takes into consideration the physical, emotional, mental, and social needs of each senior who enters its doors. This includes, but is not limited to, medication management, showering and hygiene assistance, customized nutrition guidance and meal preparation, and social activities.

We also recognize that seniors need to continue relationships with others. To meet this need, we draw in everyone involved in a senior’s life—residents, families, staff, and even school children—into the circle of a thriving community. We know that we can only achieve the highest quality of assisted by creating a community that connects generations and fosters mutually giving relationships.

Unlike nursing homes, which provide healthcare, we assist in daily living with attention to both individual and family needs. This empowers seniors and their loved ones with the knowledge that residents can remain as active and as independent as possible, for as long as possible, encompassed in a flourishing community.

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Why does assisted living with us now mean more independence later?

Choosing assisted living now means seniors live independently longer.

Longer independent living for Alaskan seniors has always been our goal. This can only come from seniors and loved ones making earlier choices to move to assisted living care, rather than encouraging living on one’s own longer. Experience has shown us that by delaying assisted living, seniors often have unforeseen accidents at times when we cannot provide a room. This means they have to live long-term in a hospital or even less desirable circumstances. Coming to live with us before the signs of aging increase, allows seniors to surround themselves with those who can assist and help prevent accidents that might occur if they were living on their own.

We encourage you to choose to move to Aspen Creek earlier to give you that peace of mind that comes from the potential of a longer, healthier life, and reducing unnecessary early hospitalization for seniors. We want to help now; so please reach out to now. Call (999) 999-9999 to contact one of our staff members.

What makes Assisted Living at Aspen Creek different?

We offer not just a home, but a community that touches lives. From the residents to their loved ones, we touch a myriad of individual lives. Rather than creating just a home to live in, we provide a whole community where everyone associated with our residents feel welcome. We are a thriving, active social environment where seniors not only engage but give of themselves.

When residents walk into Aspen Creek’s doors, they feel welcome and accepted—from enrollment through every day of their stay. They enjoy open spaces to meet others and small gathering areas to develop closer friendships. Private rooms also offer a place of refuge away from others when needed. Couples can also enjoy shared living spaces and still have private baths. Unsurpassed compassionate care plus state-of-the-art amenities—a large theater, gym, planned activities, fine dining, and more--distinguish us as different.

Individual needs are met for advanced care residents in anchorage, ak