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Faq | Senior Living in Anchorage, AK

Frequently Asked Questions
About Assisted Living

Assisted Living is a wonderful option for seniors who don’t need or want institutionalized care but do want maximum convenience and opportunities for enrichment.

Assisted Living is a supportive senior living option that promotes independence and personal dignity in a safe, home-like environment.

Assisted Living is a maintenance-free lifestyle where residents make their home in a private suite with full access to all amenities the community offers.

Each resident has an assisted services program tailored to their individual needs. The customized care plan can include daily personal assistance services, such as dressing, bathing, meals, housekeeping, and medication assistance and management.

Assisted Living offers amenities including entertainment, exercise, activities, dining, and transportation.

Many people confuse Assisted Living with Nursing Homes. The two are very different. While a Nursing Home is a medical provider, Assisted Living is a social model.

The following information can help you to compare the options:

  Assisted Living Nursing Home
Lifestyle Flexibility:
Self-designed according to the needs and desires of the resident.
Program and facility driven. The needs and policies of the institution are the primary concern.
Best suited for residents that:
Desire independence and privacy with optional assistance with personal care, housekeeping, and daily activities.
Individuals that require extensive personal care, may not be mobile, medical care, or have cognitive or behavioral problems. Those who are in need of 24-hour nursing care.
Activities of daily living such as: dressing, bathing, meals, housekeeping, and medication assistance and management.
Daily living PLUS- Wound care, nursing, medical services, and physician oversight.
Lifestyle Services:
Entertainment, exercise, recreation, dining, and transportation.
Minimal lifestyle services- Institutional meals, housekeeping, and monitoring.
Living Space:
Residence style suites that include full bathrooms, kitchenettes, appliances, and environmental controls.
Single or shared hospital style rooms. Limited access to common areas and outside.
Exercise room, water jet bath, professionally cooked gourmet meals, game room, library, theater, computer room, salon, internet access, memory care, and more.
Limited – More focused on medical treatment.

Cost vary depending on needs of the resident.

A person that is right for assisted living is someone that desires independence and privacy, but also desires the option of assistance with personal care, housekeeping, and daily activities.

Best way is to meet residents at our next open enrollment function. Contact us to schedule a tour.

Assisted Living Residents can be individuals or couples. They are independent but desire the freedom of knowing that the day-to-day details of life will be handled and that they can receive assistance with activities of daily living, like medication assistance, bathing, dressing, and grooming. They like that nutritious menus are created by a registered dietitian and meals are prepared the Executive Chef and that there are many social and enrichment activities available throughout the day.

Best way is to meet residents at our next open enrollment function. Contact us to schedule a tour.

Yes! The Assisted Living lifestyle provides the freedom for a resident to focus most of their energy on their quality of life and personal enrichment, rather than the day-to-day details that absorb so much of our time. Healthy and appetizing food is professionally prepared for regular nutritious meals. Professional staff is on hand 24x7 to detect and assist with any health need.

Assistance with daily living tasks such as: dressing, bathing, meals, housekeeping, medication assistance and/or management, and transportation.

Yes! Entertainment, exercise, recreation, dining, concerts, lectures, theater.

Yes! Visitors are welcome. Conditions apply.

Yes. We use a wearable device created specifically for Senior Living environments. If a resident needs assistance, they simply press a button on their device and our staff will be notified of their need and location. The wearable device uses machine learning to give meaningful, individualized insights into the overall well-being of each resident.