3/20/2020 Update

Published: Friday, March 20, 2020

Greetings Aspen Creek Families and Friends,

As with any situation, there is always a silver lining.  I can tell you that while COVID-19 has turned our world inside out, our little Aspen Creek family has bonded very well.  We have come up with some pretty creative ways to visit with families, and even found a wonderful project of sewing our own masks since there is a world-wide shortage and masks are scarce.  They started the day with yoga - the instructor sat outside of the window and held a wonderful class… NAMASTE.   About 8 of our residents worked on cutting fabric, pressing the fabric and then sewing… for about 6 hours today!  They LOVED it!   They also found time to sing and celebrate a 94th Birthday, played BINGO and had an afternoon sing-a-long.  I can assure our families, everyone is VERY entertained and busy.

As this visitor restriction continues, please remember that your loved ones do not have endless supplies of toiletries and goodies.  If you would like to bring the necessities of toothpaste, wipes, soap, shampoo or snacks, please do so… we will accept them at the door and deliver your packages to them.  A hand written note from you all would brighten their day for sure.

Our update today is short and sweet - we are all saturated with the bad news of the world, so I will end today’s update with a quote from my hero - my dad.  “This too shall pass”.   Whenever I felt overwhelmed in my life, my dad always reminded me that  the worry of the moment was only temporary.  So that has become my mantra.  This too shall pass.

As always, we appreciate your support - and don’t forget to watch the daily posts on our Aspen Creek Families group page.  The photos are WONDERFUL.

Stay healthy families!