Updates on how we are protecting our residents from COVID-19

March 4, 2020 Update

Published: Saturday, April 4, 2020

Hello Families and Friends!

Whew! What a week! Hope you all had a safe and healthy one... We are all “hunkering down” here as much as we possibly can. To stay positive and motivated during this time, we continue to encourage your loved ones to get outside for fresh air daily. So it’s a bit discouraging to see more snow in APRIL!!! Yes, we live in Alaska, but it would be nice if the weather would cooperate and only give us one headache at a time! Whatever the weather, we have all taken folks outside just to take a good deep breath of fresh Alaska germ-free air!

All of us Aspen Creek staff are getting used to wearing masks daily - this has been an interesting adjustment, to say the least. We have been very fortunate with mask donations, and are thankful to those who have donated and to our residents and staff who have put in countless hours making masks. If you know any senior who needs a mask, please let us know as we now have enough to share.

Also, thank you all so much for your patience as we all adjust to a new way of life. Beth and I have been busy this past week assisting your loved ones with virtual medical visits, and coming up with creative solutions to situations. As with all new systems, we are working through some glitches with this. We also spend an extraordinary amount of time with education and planning regarding COVID-19, this includes daily research of the latest guidelines, education to staff and residents, trying to secure in-demand supplies, and planning for contingencies. In addition, we continue to do our very best at making sure every need is met. In our current situation, we are not at our desks very often, however, we do check our email frequently. Please email any non-emergent matters, as this is the best way to ensure your questions, concerns or messages are answered in a timely fashion. Please address non-emergent needs Monday through Friday 8a - 5p.

Thanks to all who participated in Facebook LIVE on Wednesday... we will do that as often as we can - and we will try to post videos often on our Family page!!

Thanks, everyone for all of your support!

Adrienne and Beth

“Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn”.

- Marianne Williamson